Safety, Health and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Qube manage the BOMC facility in its entirety. Qube and BOMC safety goal is Zero Harm and this reflects our belief that we operate in an environment where risks are managed, and that work does not impact on our people’s health and well-being.

Safety is about ensuring that we have safe systems of work, we are continuously striving to deliver a safe work place for our employees and a safe operating environment for our clients, vessels and cargo.

We are on our journey towards building a Zero Harm culture, where all employees and contractors have the knowledge, competence and desire to work safely.


Our safety strategy focuses on three areas;

Systems that are well designed and implemented. That there exists a systematic identification, management and improvement of the areas of the business than can present risk. The safety health environment management systems (SHEMS) have been effectively implemented and auditing processes are in place to validate the consistency and sustainability of these processes.

Leadership that is clear consistent and provides the vision and direction to achieve our goal of Zero Harm. We have established a Leadership Development Programme to develop these skills, including practical HSE management and interactions to support employees doing their daily tasks.

Behaviours that engage everyone on the safety journey, reward good safety performance and hold people accountable and responsible for their actions in the workplace.

Our Standards

7 Safety Keys, are our minimum safety standards, they are fundamental to the Qube and BOMC approach to safety health and environment.

Qube has an established Safety Health and Environmental Management System (SHEMS) that has been designed to meet recognised standards for best practice. At the heart of the SHEMS is the application of a continuous improvement cycle, designed to continue to identify innovations in how operational practices are performed.